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Numerous falsifications in Smalevichsky region

Автор: Dasha Ukra

In Zodsina and Smalevichsky rayon numerous falsifications took place on September 7- 8.

On September 7- 8 at night two people in civil clothes and the head of the militia department opened the ballot- box at polling station 15. This happened in the presence of the deputy head of the election committee. The fact was noticed by the witness who was at that time in the schoolyard. Besides, the fact was proved by the militiaman and the guard who guarded the station. On September 8 in the morning the observer made an act about..


Leaflets, canvassing to vote against Hancharyk, distributed in Shklov

Автор: Dasha Ukra

On September 8- 9 the leaflets , canvassing to vote against the contender for presidency Hancharyk, were put to the mail boxes in Shklou. The text of the leaflet was written in the form of the poem. The leaflet was signed by “Yaska Halip, a friend of BPF” At the end of the leaflet it is said that it is better to stay at home than to vote for Hancharyk. The local authorities tried to intimidate people who worked as observers at the local polling stations. So the members of the town executive committee came to the rayon..


Preliminary results of the voting

Автор: Dasha Ukra

CEC informed about the results of the voting in the president election.

About 60% of the ballots were processed all over the country. Haidukevich won 2.19% of the votes, Hancharyk got 12.16% of the votes, Lukashenka got 78.82% of the supporters. 83.86% of the electors came to vote in Berastseyskaya volast, 83.25%- in Vitsebskaya volast, 85.40%- in Homelska volast, 85.54

%- in Haradsenskaya volast, 84.65%- in Mahileuskaya volast, 76.55%- in Mensk.

CEC processed about 90.49% of the ballots in Vitsebskaya volast, about 80%-..


21 people detained in Mogilev

Автор: Dasha Ukra

In the evening on September 8 21 members of Young Front were detained in Mahileu. The militiamen arrested everybody who left or entered the building of the headquarters. 16 out of 21 of the arrested were under age.

Andrus Kavaleu, a YF leader, and a member of the organization Dsmitry Grumo were questioned during several hours.

About 100 observers, accredited from “Vyasna”, were deprived of their right to observe the voting yesterday. At night most of them got journalist certificates of the newspaper “Tydnyovik..


Parallel vote count started

Автор: Dasha Ukra

The parallel vote count system that was initiated by «Independent Supervision» started its work.

During the first voting day the information arrived from 398 polling stations out of 500 stations, which were selected for the parallel vote counting. About 3.5% of the electors voted during the first day, 7% gave their votes during the second day. The data differ from the official information. According to CEC, about 4% of the population voted during two days of advance voting.

“The first days of the advance voting showed..


Crowd greets Hancharyk

Автор: Dasha Ukra

About 0.00 a.m. during Hancharyk's press conference a glass was broken from inside in the Palace of Trade Unions. The reason of this incident is not clear, probably, it was a provocation. The crowd at Oktyabr Square presses for actions. Mr. Hancharyk managed to calm people who wished to start radical actions.Ex- PM Michail Chygyr and leader of the initiative “For new Belarus” Vasil Lyavonau were among the people at Oktyabr Square. About 500 people were there at Octyabr Square.

After 8 p. m. about 3000 people gathered..


Pilgrims come under pressure

Автор: Bondmaid

Concerts in Zhlobin (August 4, Homel voblast) and Krupki (August 5, Mensk voblast) are to mark the end of "Pilgrims" promotional caravan. Musicians, artists and actors will come back to Mensk to give final press conference and gala performance. During the second part of the caravan, which started on July 26 in Berasce and Salihorsk, "Pilgrims" visited Slutsak, Kobryn, Babruisk, Pinsk, Krychau and Mozyr.


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