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Barcnews site cut off

Автор: Dasha Ukra

On September 9 about 12 a. m. the site www. barcnews. org. was cut off. The access to the server where the site is situated was closed. The attempts to cut off the server were made the day before. We placed the latest news of the election at the site. We continue to collect information.


Through personal contacts to polls participation

Автор: Bondmaid

Borisov, (Minsk oblast) "Accent" regional youth coalition organized an event on July 9 that invited town residents to participate in the elections. In the town park young activists were distributing stickers with "CHOOSE" campaign logo and asked the passers-by to turn up at the polling stations. According to Siarzhuk Salash, head of "Skryzhavanne" Center, the events of the kind are more efficient than mere stickers clueing, as personal contacts are of great importance. People like attractive young men or girls coming up to..


Hancharyk’s mother worries about her son

Автор: Dasha Ukra

The mother of the contender for presidency Nina Danilovna Hancharyk has voted today at August polling station (Lahoisky rayon of Minskaya volast).

During the interview with the correspondent of BARCNEWS the woman confessed that she worried about her son as all the power is in the hands of the incumbent president, so it would be impossible to change the situation.

At the polling stations where she voted were noticed the same violations as everywhere. The ballots were given without passports, more than one person came into..


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