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About 0.00 a.m. during Hancharyk's press conference a glass was broken from inside in the Palace of Trade Unions. The reason of this incident is not clear, probably, it was a provocation. The crowd at Oktyabr Square presses for actions. Mr. Hancharyk managed to calm people who wished to start radical actions.Ex- PM Michail Chygyr and leader of the initiative “For new Belarus” Vasil Lyavonau were among the people at Oktyabr Square. About 500 people were there at Octyabr Square.

After 8 p. m. about 3000 people gathered at Octyabr Square near the Palace of Republic. Despite a heavy rain, people of different age came there. There were a lot of “ white-red-white” and “Zubr” flags. Hancharyk, a contender for presidency, made a speech. Leaders of democratic forces of Belarus appealed to people to believe in the victory of the democracy and stay at the square till the announcing of the election results. The event was supposed to last all night long.

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