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Numerous falsifications in Smalevichsky region

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In Zodsina and Smalevichsky rayon numerous falsifications took place on September 7- 8.

On September 7- 8 at night two people in civil clothes and the head of the militia department opened the ballot- box at polling station 15. This happened in the presence of the deputy head of the election committee. The fact was noticed by the witness who was at that time in the schoolyard. Besides, the fact was proved by the militiaman and the guard who guarded the station. On September 8 in the morning the observer made an act about the replacement of the ballot-box onto a different place.

Canvassing for the advance voting took place in the town and its rayon. It was emphasized that one should vote till September 7. And at night on September 7-8 the most serious violations were noticed.

On September 7 the heads of the plants went to the plant hostels and made their workers to vote. The directors of the hostels did not let the residents in till they voted.

On September 7 , on Monday, the local radio worked for a half a day in Zodsina. Usually it works two days a week- on Monday and on Thursday. Every twenty minutes there was an appeal to vote in advance. At 7.50 p. m. the head of the executive committee Kasheusky made a speech on the radio. He canvassed for Lukashenka, said that everything in the town was built thanks to Lukashenka and advised to vote in advance.

The members of the election committees of Smalevichsky rayon confessed that they had been ordered to make 40% of the electors vote in advance.They complained that they could not fulfil this order. They had to send schoolchildren to go around the town and canvass people to vote in advance. But they could not get 40% of the required votes, only 20%of the people voted in advance.

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