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Leaflets, canvassing to vote against Hancharyk, distributed in Shklov

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On September 8- 9 the leaflets , canvassing to vote against the contender for presidency Hancharyk, were put to the mail boxes in Shklou. The text of the leaflet was written in the form of the poem. The leaflet was signed by “Yaska Halip, a friend of BPF” At the end of the leaflet it is said that it is better to stay at home than to vote for Hancharyk. The local authorities tried to intimidate people who worked as observers at the local polling stations. So the members of the town executive committee came to the rayon observers and asked who had offered them to work as supervisors. Mr. Fedarau, a coordinator of “Independent Supervision” was invited to come to the public prosecutor office.

On September 7 Alyaksandr Shcharbak's flat (a coordinator of Shklousky information center) was searched. All the equipment and 300 copies of the newspaper “Shklouskiya Naviny” were confiscated. Schcharbak was detained, but after some time released.

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