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Preliminary results of the voting

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CEC informed about the results of the voting in the president election.

About 60% of the ballots were processed all over the country. Haidukevich won 2.19% of the votes, Hancharyk got 12.16% of the votes, Lukashenka got 78.82% of the supporters. 83.86% of the electors came to vote in Berastseyskaya volast, 83.25%- in Vitsebskaya volast, 85.40%- in Homelska volast, 85.54

%- in Haradsenskaya volast, 84.65%- in Mahileuskaya volast, 76.55%- in Mensk.

CEC processed about 90.49% of the ballots in Vitsebskaya volast, about 80%- in Haradsenskaya volast, 45%- in Berastseyskaya volast and about 16% in Mensk. According to the data, CEC informed about the following results: Haidukevich got 3.33% of the votes, Hancharyk-27.35%, Lukashenka-60.59% in Mensk. In Haradsenskaya volast Haidukevich got 2.74% of the votes, Hancharyk- 15.87%, Lukashenka- 74.2%. In Berastseyskaya volast Haidukevich got 2.08% of the votes, Hancharyk- 11.65%, Lukashenka- 80.41%. The biggest number of votes Lukashenka got in Mahileuskaya volast – 88.8%. Haidukevich got 1% of the votes, Hancharyk- 3.59%. In Vitsebskaya volast Haidukevich got 2.31%of the votes, Hancharyk – 12.48%, Lukashenka- 75.2%. In Homelskaya volast 74.92% of the electors voted for Lukashenka, 3.21%- for Haidukevich, 10.31%- for Hancharyk.


The executive director of Belarusian Association of Resource Centers Ales Kasak was detained at the military post of the home troops at 18.40 in Mensk. He went there to make a report as it had become known about the preparatory activities of the troops.

Ales Kasak was detained in spite of the fact that he had a journalist certificate. According to the information that he managed to send, there were about 20 cars with soldiers ready to go at any moment. Ales Kasak was taken to the Rayon militia department, where he was searched and the memory card of his camera was taken away.

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