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21 people detained in Mogilev

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In the evening on September 8 21 members of Young Front were detained in Mahileu. The militiamen arrested everybody who left or entered the building of the headquarters. 16 out of 21 of the arrested were under age.

Andrus Kavaleu, a YF leader, and a member of the organization Dsmitry Grumo were questioned during several hours.

About 100 observers, accredited from “Vyasna”, were deprived of their right to observe the voting yesterday. At night most of them got journalist certificates of the newspaper “Tydnyovik Belarus” that also enabled them to watch the work of the election committees as observers. But in the morning on September 9 they were not permitted to observe.

Meanwhile, there are some facts that the ballot- boxes were changed at night. The seals on some ballot-boxes were removed.

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