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Parallel vote count started

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The parallel vote count system that was initiated by «Independent Supervision» started its work.

During the first voting day the information arrived from 398 polling stations out of 500 stations, which were selected for the parallel vote counting. About 3.5% of the electors voted during the first day, 7% gave their votes during the second day. The data differ from the official information. According to CEC, about 4% of the population voted during two days of advance voting.

“The first days of the advance voting showed that the system of parallel count works,” said Miraslau Kabasa, a coordinator of the parallel vote count program. He doubted that more people voted during the first day than during the second one (according to CEC, on September 4- 2.3%, on September 5- 1.7%).

One more figure that was mentioned by Kabasa was the evaluation of the work of the election committees. Parallel vote count provides for such evaluation. The supervisors take into consideration the relations of three subjects: the election committee, the supervisor and the ballot- box. The interrelations in such a triangle are usually evaluated by five-points scale. Today the mark is equal to 3.6.

Mr. Kabasa commented upon the fact so: “I think it proves that many of committee members do not want falsifications. They are ready to fulfill their work openly and consciously. Let us see how this figure will change when the pressure increases.

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