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Incident with supervisors in Orsha

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On September 5 two supervisors, accredited by Orsha election committee, Shutau and Trafimau came to the head of the committee and demanded to give them information about the number of the voters in Orsha and the number of those who had voted on September 4. Mr. Siyanin refused to give such information and only told about the percentage of those who had voted. It was about 1.7%.

After the talk with the head the supervisors decided to go to the polling station. But Mr. Siyanin did not let them in and locked the door of the room where a member of the committee was sitting.

The supervisors believe that these actions cannot be considered to be sound. They do not deny the fact that there could be additional bulletins in the polling stations.

The activists of NGO of Orsha think that such a behavior of the head of the committee is due to the fact that only 1.74% of the electors voted in advance and this is the worst result in Vitsebska volast. More than 10% of the electors voted in Rassonsky rayon. From the casual talks it became clear that the election committees were ordered to take to the advance election 30%-50% of the voters.

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