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Violation at the election in Mogilevsky region

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Mahileu regional department of “Vyasna” center informed about numerous violations that took place at the polling stations of the volast.

On September 6 in polling station 8 (school 35) the committee members gave agitation material, the newspaper “Vestnik of Mahileu” together with the bulletin to the voters. This newspaper canvassed for Lukashenka.

On September 6 special parent meetings were held in all the schools of Babruisk. The parents were called to take part in the advance voting.

On September 6 the head of the hostel of the plant “Mahileutransmash” made residents of the hostel to vote beforehand. The data about those who had not voted he got from the election committee.

The members of almost all the election committees refuse to give any information concerning their work; they refer to the orders of the authorities.

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