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State papers are distributed free of charge in Vitebsk

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The local newspapers “Vitsbychy”, “Narodnaye slova”, “Vitsebsky rabochy” were put into the mail boxes in almost all the districts of the town on august 28 and September 4.

All these newspapers gave a lot of information, concerning the election. “Vitsebsky rabochy” approved the policy of the contender for presidency Lukashenka. The newspaper criticizes all the opponents of the regime.

The number of the newspapers increased to reach more readers. ”Vitsbychy” increased its edition in two times. On August 28 the number of copies was 103885. It became a record for Vitsebsk press. And note that the population in the town not more than 370000.

The democratic opposition considered that fact as the exploitation of the administrative resource. They characterize all these actions as the fear that Lukashenka will not win the election

The residents of Vitsebsk have not got newspapers for several years already. Difficult financial state makes a part of the population subscribe for one or two editions, and others buy newspapers of the entertaining character.

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