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“Choose” campaign for teachers and undertakers of Mazyr

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On September 1 “Choose” event, organized by the coalition “Young Mazyr”, took place in Mazyr.

Teachers of byelarussian language got postcards with “white-red-white flag «and “Pagonya”, signed by the members of YF. There was an appeal to the teachers with gratitude for their work and an order to take care of their language and independence. Besides, teachers got records of the best byelarussian music from the albums “Legends of Great Principality', “I was born here”, “Narodny album”.

Teachers of some other subjects were given leaflets “September 1- a day of knowledge” with the names of famous byelarussians who had to work abroad. “More than 70% of young educated people want to leave Belarus. An educated person is not necessary for the state.150 000of teachers live in poverty. The system does not let them work and live in their Motherland. September 9 is the Election Day. Let's choose a person who understands that the future of the nation depends on the teachers; our children should work for their Motherland and not to look for the better life abroad.”

Many teachers got interested in the work of youth organizations and even started discussing prospects for future collaboration.

“Young Mazyr” members distributed packages “Take care of yours” at local fairs. Local undertakers will sell their goods in these packages. They were given stickers, and special editions of the newspapers “Narodnaya volya” and “Our freedom”. Several days ago the similar event took place at the fairs of Kalynkavychy.

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