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Belarus-Ukraine: 100 people arrested and about 15 beaten

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Several hundreds Young Front representatives were going to support the byelarussian team on August 2, but they did not even manage to enter the stadium. Some YF representatives (including its leader Pavel Severinets) were arrested already on the way to the stadium. And young people in red and white T-shirts were made to put off their T-shirts. Probably, militiamen knew that YF was going to compose «a white-red-white flag” on the tribune so they decided to prevent it. Such measures were negatively met by the ordinary football fans, who also came dressed in red and white T-shirts and had to undress due to some unknown reason.

More strict measures were undertaken to Sector 6. In the middle of the first time “white-red-white flags” were lifted there and militiamen started their activities there. By the end of the first time SOBR (a special group of quick reaction), headed by Pavlichenko (an executive of political murders), had appeared there. They made young people to leave the tribune, beating them. The neighboring tribunes shouted “Fascists

As a result some people were so seriously beaten that they needed an ambulance. About 15 people were beaten and more than 100 was arrested.

And byelarussians lost again.

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