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“Choose” in the country

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On September 2 “Akzent” activists held an event for owners of dachas ”A bucket with cucumbers like a polling station with votes.» at a big dacha complex near the village of Shylina. The amateurs of gardens and kitchen gardens were persuaded to go to town on September 9 to vote. They were given small flags, stickers and newspapers. Besides, there was a contest. The owners of dachas were to answer the following questions:”What are the reasons of our bad life?” “Tell the names of all the contenders for presidency” “Tell the name of the contender who withdrew his candidature in favor of Gancharyk. The winners got orange buckets with “Choose” stickers. But there were only 50 buckets and that was not enough for all the winners. The same event is to take place today at one more dacha complex at the station “Proletarskaya pobeda”.

On September 3 “Akzent” board evaluated the results of the contest “5”for” why it is necessary to go to the election”. It was announced in the newspaper “Barysau news'. 24 letters were sent to the newspaper.The best work was written by Alyaksey Pugachou. He received a tape-recorder LG with CD- player. Yan Kuzminov was the second winner and got a camera “Kodak”. Tatyana Mazgova got byelarussian CDs.

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