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«Sound line» may be closed

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«Sound line» may be closed
The tour agency "Sound line” is under the threat of closing. Its initiator is Harodnya town Philharmonic Society director, who tries to deprive “Sound line” of license with the help of Harodnya executive committee. The reason for this was the agency' tour “Rock for changes” with participation of the groups “Neiro Dubel”, “TT-34”, “N.R.M.” and “Zet”.which began on the August 14. All the concerts were guided by “Choose” campaign. During the events the musicians urged the youth to make their choice on September 9.

The musical tour “Rock for changes' brought not only a wave of optimism for the youth but also some problems for its organizers. Maladzechna club “Reef” where one of the concerts took place was closed. After the performance in Valkavysk culture department director of the town executive committee was dismissed. Despite the announcements and half sold tickets a big concert in Harodnya was canceled. ”Neiro Dubel” was prohibited to sing a songs “Freaks went to Dazynky” and “Rubber house”.

Before the beginning of the tour the concert organizers were refused in the lease of 8 halls (4 of them were changed by some other in these towns). The authorities of Slutsak, Saligorsk, Babruisk and Barysau prohibited the concerts in these towns.

In most towns decorations of “Choose” campaign were taken away before the concerts. Culture department directors and militia demanded that the musicians put off T-shirts “Choose”.

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