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Concert “choose the best “ in Bobruysk

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On September 2 the concert of Kasya Kamotskaya and Zmitzer Sidarovich took place in Bobr.

The artist Ales Pushkin, a resident of the village conducted it. He also nicely decorated the stage. As the local authorities prohibited the concert in the club, it was in the open air.

First Ales Pushkin introduced the performers and said that the concert was in the framework of the campaign “Choose”. He also urged everybody to come to the election on September 9 and to vote for their future.

Zmitzer Sidorovich began the concert with the words that seem to him very coming for contemporary Belarus: «There were times, when few people knew Shakespeare, but the British Empire occupied the half of the world. In the course of time the Empire lost its colonies but Shakespeare's kingdom only grows. For along time Homer was almost the only Greek who united many Greek states. So tyrant s come and leave and we stay. How should we live and work? I think, the only answer is to create masterpieces. We do not need a lot, 10-15 masterpieces. Art is great power that is able to change something.”

Zmitzer Sidorovich and Kasya Kamotskaya sang the songs from the albums named “Choose the best” recorded specially for this campaign. Zmitzer performed dressed in ancient clothes. Strolling musicians were dressed in this manner in former times. Calendars, stickers and cassettes were distributed among the listeners At the end of the event they talked to the residents of the village and gave their autographs to them.Sidorovich stated :”I like such a wild audience. There is a sort of splitting among them.First we are supported only by few people. Our appearance provoked argument, after the concert people discussed and argued for a long time. But I noticed that Kasya Kamotskaya is known and recognized by people. That means that the music and culture independent from the regime reach people. May be, something is achieved by these efforts. It is necessary to create conditions for these actions everywhere.”

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