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Octyabr square at 20 05 after the election

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The political council of Gancharyk's headquarters supported his call onto the citizens of Belarus to come at 8 p. m. on September 9 to Oktyabr square in Mensk to wait for counting of the ballots. This was announced at the press conference on September 4. They also invited everybody to come to Independence Square to listen to the results of the voting that CEC is going to announce.

As the leader of Young Front Pavel Severinets announced youth organizations will obligatory take part in these actions.On September 9 youth columns will start moving to Mensk in four main directions: Maladzechna, Barysau, Maryina gorka and Byarestse- to celebrate the victory of the democracy .”If there are any efforts to rig the election and Lukashenka is ready for this, then these columns will help to defend this victory in Mensk,”-stated Severinets. In case of CEC depriving Gancharyk's registration, the opposition will urge the citizens to vote against all the contenders.According to Vintsuk Vyachorka, now it is impossible to re-orientate people against the election.

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