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Horse hon-hou won the election in Pruzyany

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Youth coalition “Time of changes” held a number of events under the common slogan “Today you choose for fun and on September 9- for 5 years” in Pruzyany, Zabinka and Drahichyn of Byarestse voblast. the events took place at local markets. Three candidates for presidency(Lu-Lu, telepuzic;Hon-hou horse, and Haida fox) were drawn on the posters. At the improvised polling stations there were ballot boxes, election committee and independent observers. The young people presented the materials with the calls to come to the polling stations on September 9 and to choose the future to all potential voters. People eagerly took part in this fun voting and were impatiently waiting for the results of the voting.

According to the results ,Lu-Lu got 26,3%, Hon-Hou - 59,4% and Haida - 14,3%.

The aim of the event was to destroy the indifference and prove the necessity of choice, to give people an opportunity to look at the present situation at the country in a different way.

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