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Youth to support opposition candidate if he’s guided by democracy

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Minsk, August 8 - a "Youth for Belarus" address, signed by 68 youth organizations, and declaring support for democratic forces' single candidate, was handed to Uladzimer Hancharyk by young activists. As a possible candidate for Belarusian presidency he is expected to sign an agreement with youth organizations. Belarusian Youth Congress, however, had earlier adopted a statement that welcomed nomination of the both possible candidates-Uladzimer Hancharyk and Siamion Domash. According to Chrystina Sidun, head of Belarusian Students Union, many of youth organizations' members found it hard to agree upon nominating Uladzimer Hancharyk as the single candidate, nonetheless, the address was signed. So far representatives of the two bigger organizations-United Civic Party Youth and "Zubr" movement didn't sign it. While meeting youth organizations representatives, Uladzimer Hancharyk gave no guarantees over the suggestions stated in the address. The document says that for an efficient campaign to address the young the single candidate should adhere to the following principles:

1. Guaranteeing country's real sovereignty through independent financial, foreign and defense policy. Restoration of the official status of the national Pahonia emblem and white-red-white flag. Introduction of Belarusian language as the country's only official language.

2. Re-distribution of powers in favor of legislative and judicial branches, and between the President and the Prime Minister in favor of PM.

3. Conduct of parliamentary election on the combined system basis

4. Tackling the young's main problems: educational reform, suspension of mandatory employment placement

5. Guaranteeing Siamion Domash getting PM post

The activists say thousands of their organizations' members will work for the opposition candidate victory provided he promises to fulfill their demands.

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