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Documentaries festival show disrupted In Minsk

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Minsk, August 1--An opening show of documentaries film festival to be held in Mensk on August 1-9 was disrupted. The organizers rented a hall from Cinema History Museum to host the demonstration of films, yet one hour before the opening ceremony Mr. Audzejeu, museum's director denied hiring out the hall despite the fee being already paid and advised the event being held after September 9. The organizers view the reasons given for rent denial as ungrounded. Another location was found to host the demonstration of films, which were on "One World" film festival list that took place in the Czech Republic and Slovakia this March.On this festival program are 12 films by directors from different countries, that rise the acutest social problems: ecology, destiny of Russia's minor ethnic groups, Yugoslavian and Chechen wars, swift political changes in the Czech Republic and Yugoslavia, Belarusian context.

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