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Single candidate will be announced by July 20

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If the five potential candidates united in wide civil coalition don't decide on a single candidate by July 19, the voters board will do it for them. Such decision was made at the joint meeting of the Coordination Council of Democratic Forces and "For New Belarus" movement. Some participants of the meeting have lost hope that the presidential hopefuls will ever come to agreement between themselves and even proposed "to flip a nickel". The five candidates themselves were not present at the gathering.

According to Anatol Lyabedzka, UCP leader, the voters board will consist of about 50 people who will have available either material or human resources, including leaders of the parties and Vasil Lyavonau, head of "For New Belarus" movement.

Lyavonau fears if all five candidates come to registration, then some off them might later deny to withdraw from the presidential race in favor of the single candidate from opposition.

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