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Only four got enough signatures

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ON July 25 sitting of the Central Election Committee its Secretary Mikalai Lazavik announced final figures on signatures collected in support of possible candidates for Belarusian presidency. The needed amount of signatures got: Aliaksandr Lukashenka (396375), Siamion Domash (161471), Siarhey Haidukevich (136259) and Uladzimer Hancharyk (123380). Three more contenders--Siarhey Kaliakin, Leanid Kaluhin and Mikhail Marynich fell 3,000-4,000 short of the necessary 100,000 signatures. As is known, it was already on July 21, when some of the contenders argued the CEC lowered the amount of signatures submitted. According to Mr. Lazavik, the fact came as a complete surprise to Central Election Commission members, as before that they talked with the proxies of possible candidates on the phone and got no objections. By July 25 Paval Kazlouski and Aliaksandr Yarashuk withdrew their protests, with the latter saying, that some 20,000 of signatures reached no election commissions because of initiative group members being dishonest. However, none of the contenders that disagreed with the CEC decision was present bar for Leanid Sinitsyn.

Local election commissions were ordered to start verification of the signatures submitted.

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